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30 Day Challenge
30 Day Challenge

FYERS 30 Day Challenge helps traders develop trading discipline to remain consistently profitable. 
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30 day Challenge

My 30 day Challenge was completed on 6th April. so technically i sld hv got my refund on 10th April. Its still showing as yet to be computed. And support is a joke.They didnt even acknowledge my request. Do they... (More)

Please note that API users are eligible to receive certificates upon winning but not eligible for brokerage refunds. Brokerage refunds was introduced to motivate discretionarily traders to develop self-control and emotional discipline when trading.

30 Day Challenge – New Badge Of Honours

Since the inception of the FYERS 30 Day Challenge, thousands of traders have attempted it and overtime we’ve witnessed its positive impact on the performance and the approach to trading itself. Earlier this year, we introduced Badge Of Honours to... (More)

My latest 30 day challenge ( 2nd Feb 2021- 17 Mar 2021) was succesful for the 2nd consecutive time. However I received a rookie badge of honor certificate. I think it should be RISING STAR BADGE.