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Crude Oil
Crude Oil

Noufal Nazar
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Unpacking the All-Time High Turnover on MCX: Factors and Insights

What do you think contributed to the recent all-time high turnover on MCX? Was it the re-launch of mini contracts, favorable market conditions, or something else entirely?

And for those who are new to commodity trading, what advice would you... (More)

Websocket connection for MCX live feed

Hi All,
I am trying to fetch MCX:CRUDEOIL22DECFUT using the websocket connection.
I get an empty response : res {"s":"ok","d":{"7202":[],"7208":[],"31038":[]}}
I am able to get the quotes for the same symbol but it somehow does not work on the websocket... (More)

Backwardation is a situation wherein the spot price of a commodity is higher than the futures price or wherein near-month futures contracts are more expensive than farther-month futures contracts.

The image above shows MCX crude oil futures prices for February... (More)

Crude Oil

How inventory play an important role in Crude Oil trading?. Where and How to find the data?