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-96 error while trying to use any method.

I've been getting this error whenever I try to do fyers.positions() or fyers.market_status() or any other function.

Pl help.



Fyers API realtime datafeed problem.

Datafeed suddenly stopped without any error. API response is :

Api response is: "{\"s\":\"ok\",\"d\":{\"7202\":[],\"7208\":[],\"31038\":[]}}"

Response is stucked at above data. API is not fetching the realtime rates.\

Access token and auth code are fine.

Please help


Linking Excel 2003 version with API Bridge

I want to use excel strategy for firing orders. Here are a couple of issues I appear to face.
I would need a marketwatch linked to Excel and versions 2007 and later (the kind with less shortcuts and mouse based... (More)