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Built with real feedback from 50,000+ clients, FYERS gives you fast, reliable and seamless trading experience in Indian markets across all segments on major exchanges. Trade Entry & Exit is fast with easy navigation from watchlists, trading & positions. Also, get state of the art charting with 22+ years of historical EOD, 2+ years of Intraday historical data.

chart and Price are stuck every time during market time.

@Tejas Khoday Hello dear sir,

fyers web and app its not working properly all time chart stuck price are not moving. price are stuck and refresh chart every second...sir this problem continous than how we can trade..your web page like... (More)

30 Day challenge inadequate brokerage refund (Double hattrick winner)

Hi @Tejas Khoday @Vanshika Singh @FYERS @Anirban Kanrar

I have been using Fyers for almost an year now, primarily because of the 30 day challenge.

Recently I experienced certain discrepancies/concerns as highlighted below

  1. Inadequate brokerage refund credited (~1800) instead of... (More)

DP charges

If I sell 47 idfc shares and 50 IOC shares den how much dp charges will applicable to me?