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Using TradingView charts, we have developed a world-class trading platform on the web. Its multi-chart setup allows you to view up to 8 charts simultaneously. For the first time in India, we have introduced Price ladder (DOM) trading and trading directly from charts. It has more than 20 years of historical EOD data, extensive intraday historical data and all F&O historical prices since inception.

chart and Price are stuck every time during market time.

@Tejas Khoday Hello dear sir,

fyers web and app its not working properly all time chart stuck price are not moving. price are stuck and refresh chart every second...sir this problem continous than how we can trade..your web page like... (More)


Price chart has stopped

Sell Limit Order

For Intraday, can I place a "sell" limit order by setting the price lower than the LTP (in Fyers web) so as to utilise a pullback in a downtrend?

Different Price Points

Candles are not printed as same as the Trading view in Fyers web. The 10:50 (5mins) candle of CSB Bank Ltd (NSE) has a high-low between 192.85 - 192.50 in trading view. However, on Fyers web it is 192.55 to... (More)