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BULLDEX Trading Discussions

A dedicated space for discussing BULLDEX. Index details, intraday levels, trading ideas, support & resistance, F&O contracts, Open interest, etc. After all, it is India's first Bullion Index. Exchanging ideas, info, opinions only. Please make sure that you don't encourage... (More)

Gold ETFs Vs Gold Stocks. Which is better?

Investing in gold is in high demand & has fortunately given positive returns in the long-term. Do you think it is better to invest in Gold ETFs OR Companies that have designed & operate business models to cater to the... (More)

In the School of Stocks22 module Intermarket Analysis and Sector Rotation87, we have explained how the dollar and gold are correlated. To read that chapter, click here47.

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Gold has been a highly valued metal throughout human history. The other day I was reading up on some macro trends concerning inflations and money management and found that right from 1500BC, gold has been actually used as an economic... (More)