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Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX)


Hi Jayesh, below mentioned are commodities on the MCX whose prices are strongly influenced by those of their international peers:

  • Gold (COMEX Gold)
  • Silver (COMEX Silver)
  • Crude oil (NYMEX WTI Crude oil)
  • Natural Gas (NYMEX Natural Gas)
  • Copper (LME Copper)... (More)

Remembered reading about this topic few weeks back from this section on the Fyers, school of stocks.

This module explains how the commodities derivative contracts are settled on the MCX, India.

Essentially, there are two ways in which commodities on the MCX are settled. One is cash settlement and the other is physical settlement.

Cash settlement is applicable in case of energy contracts (crude oil and natural gas) and the two... (More)

MCX is primarily a futures exchange. Options are relatively new and the volumes are yet to pick up. The most actively traded commodity options in terms of Avg daily turnover are:

  1. Gold - 3717 Cr.
  2. Crude Oil - 565... (More)