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Modern Algos
Modern Algos

Modern Algos is a SEBI registered investment advisory and fintech firm that engages in developing various Algorithmic models and methods which enables the retail users to access all the required analysis under one umbrella through an excellent team of professionals coming from years of experience.  
FYERS in association with Modern Algos Enterprises (MAE) is making Algo trading accessible to retail traders. Click here to know more - MAE features. 

Modern Algos

can i get python code for invest type order for fyers???

I am trying to generate auth code but getting error as follows: {'code': '500', 'data': JSONDecodeError('Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)')} Process finished with exit code 0 Pls guide.

#app_id = "QH7V9X2X1J-100"
#app_secret = "62FZ9B3WWB"
redirect_url = ""

#system pip install fyers_api,

from fyers_api import fyersModel, accessToken
app_id = open('app_id.txt','r').read()
app_secret = open('app_secret.txt','r').read()
app_session = accessToken.SessionModel(app_id ,app_secret)
response = app_session.auth()


Issue with Fyers Data Api [History method]

Issue with Fyers Data Api [History method]

Expired weekly options history data is not able to get through fyers data api(history). I could get current weekly options data only.

please help me to get Expired weekly options history data from... (More)