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Partner Platforms
Partner Platforms

As a tech-focused brokerage, we've collaborated/tied up with notable platforms and products that offer some unique value-add to our clients. Using FYERS API, clients can access their platforms & services.

What's the process for signing up for authorised person/ Partner with FYERS??

Submitted a form twice on Partner's page here

no reply since so far, 

please guide me on "how to sign up for the fyers partner/authorised person?

@Tejas Khoday 


Your journey on Tradetron

Hello everyone. 

Feel free to discuss your algo trading experience with Tradetron here. Issues, feature improvements, strategies which work, which dont. 



Umesh Ranglani

Introducing Research Reports By MarketSmith India

Over the last 5 years, FYERS has continuously strived to bring in and unlock value through numerous products and services. Our innovations have ranged from incremental upgrades to disruptive offerings across a wide range – data analytics, real screeners, algo... (More)

I will not select both of this I have one Stock from this market who can bit both of them Name is ITC 

ITC have potential who can bit valuation Nestle also