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Partner Platforms
Partner Platforms

As a tech-focused brokerage, we've collaborated/tied up with notable platforms and products that offer some unique value-add to our clients. Using FYERS API, clients can access their platforms & services.

Hi@pranav Raut17,

There will be no charges for the free trial of Marketsmith.

However, we cannot comment on this without looking into the details.

Kindly let us know your Client ID in DM.

We'll check and get back... (More)

Introducing Quantsapp on FYERS!

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that we have tied up with Quantsapp, which is India's largest web and mobile-based options trading analytics platform.

Quantsapp is focused on providing Futures & Options Analytic tools, offering the widest range... (More)


TrueData Websocket API Documentation & Sample Code

This has been uploaded & updated regularly into this Dropbox folder..

In this Dropbox folder, along with detailed documentation, we have:-

1) Sample codes for Python (with library)
2) Sample codes for Python (without using our Library)
3) Sample code... (More)