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Partner Platforms
Partner Platforms

As a tech-focused brokerage, we've collaborated/tied up with notable platforms and products that offer some unique value-add to our clients. Using FYERS API, clients can access their platforms & services.


Refund is not received after sign-up through your link to TradeTron.

@Tejas Khoday @FYERS I have signed up through your link to tradetron and subscribed the plan in June month 1000 in July 5000, and August 5000 and the refund amount still not credited to my Demat account ledger resone for... (More)

Orderflow Setup on GoCharting - Video Release

Happy to announce the release of our Official Documentation Platform - Docathlon

Feedback is welcome.  It will be a living document encompassing the zillion features in GoCharting, many of them not available anywhere on the web.


GoCharting Docathlon - The Official GoCharting Documentation Platform


Feedback is welcome

Aman Gupta
Software Engineer || Positional Trader | Options Buyer

Tradingview vs GoCharting??

@Tejas Khoday could you please help us understand the difference between TV/Flyers combination vs GoCharting/Flyers combination.

Difference in terms of tools we get on both, which covers more wider analysis, plus from cost perspective too.