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School of Stocks (SoS)
School of Stocks (SoS)

School of Stocks is a comprehensive online stock market learning portal showcasing lessons with in depth coverage on Stocks, Currencies, Commodities, Futures & Options and more. 
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P/E is a ratio that compares the current market price of a security to the earnings per share. It is calculated as:

Market price per share / Earnings per share


Earnings per share = Profit after tax / Number... (More)

Chapter 12 - Reading Option Chain using Volume & OI

In this chapter, we shall study about how to read an option chain using two vital tools: Volume and Open Interest. We will use the option chain available on the website of the National Stock Exchange as our reference.

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PE - Option terminology : European Put Option

P/E - Fundamentals : Price to Earning Ratio

Polarity Principle Concept

Once a Resistance is broken, it frequently turns into Support on the way down, and vice versa. This concept was recently well explained by the price action in the USD/INR exchange rate.

To learn about this basic, yet critical and... (More)