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School of Stocks (SoS)
School of Stocks (SoS)

School of Stocks is a comprehensive online stock market learning portal showcasing lessons with in depth coverage on Stocks, Currencies, Commodities, Futures & Options and more. 
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Chapter 13 - Miscellaneous

In this Chapter, we will study about some of the important concepts that we have not studied so far in the Options Module. It is equally important to understand each of these concepts, as they are extremely useful, especially when... (More)

USD/CAD and Crude oil correlation

Did you know that there is a strong correlation between the Canadian Dollar (CAD) and crude oil? Yes, that's right. Look at the chart below:

The chart on the top panel shows the USD/CAD currency pair, while that on the... (More)

Classical Price Patterns 3

Classical Price patterns are one of the oldest and time tested ways of identifying the health of the trend and for setting up trades. There are several patterns out there, with some more popular and more reliable than the others.... (More)

Chapter 12 - Reading Option Chain using Volume & OI

In this chapter, we shall study about how to read an option chain using two vital tools: Volume and Open Interest. We will use the option chain available on the website of the National Stock Exchange as our reference.

Read... (More)