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SoS Module - Options
SoS Module - Options

In this module, we will talk in detail about a very versatile derivative instrument called options. We will start right from the basic terminologies, such as defining what an option is, type of options, option moneyness and price etc. Once the basics are clear, we shall then proceed to more complex matters, such as Option Greeks and Strategies. The objective of this module is to familiarise the reader with the intricacies of options, so that one can understand how to successfully use these versatile instruments.

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Hi Ashish, the price of an option comprises of two components: intrinsic value and extrinsic value (aka time value). Time decay affects the extrinsic value of an option. The greater the time to time expiration, the greater would be the... (More)

Ankit Singh
Option Writing & Investments

Time Decay leads to a steady fall in option prices, but the rate of it depends on various factors (whether the option is in the money or out of the money, time left for expiration etc) , it is an... (More)

Chapter 4 - Introduction to Option Greeks

Now that we have a strong understanding of the key elements of options, it is time to move on to a critical part of the Options module: Option Greeks. In this chapter, we will introduce each of the five Option... (More)

Chapter 12 - Reading Option Chain using Volume & OI

In this chapter, we shall study about how to read an option chain using two vital tools: Volume and Open Interest. We will use the option chain available on the website of the National Stock Exchange as our reference.

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