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Thematic Investing
Thematic Investing

Themes are a basket of stocks which are based on specific ideas. There are pre-designed portfolios on our platform which are unique and based on different thesis/ideologies/strategies etc. You can customize them & invest in a few clicks. Take advantage of our thorough proprietary research and use it to build a powerful portfolio of stocks.

Q4FY21 Best Results


It been almost 45 days since the start of the Q4FY21 results season. 196 Companies declared their results in April and 455 Companies declared their results in May till date. Of these 651 Companies, 225 Companies have declared excellent... (More)

The best way to Invest in US FANG Stocks

Investing in US markets & FAANG stocks, in particular, is gaining immense popularity. These consumer-tech companies have gained unparalleled power & influence over the digital consumption of the human population around the world. The overwhelming number of first-time investors from... (More)