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Thematic Investing
Thematic Investing

Themes are a basket of stocks which are based on specific ideas. There are pre-designed portfolios on our platform which are unique and based on different thesis/ideologies/strategies etc. You can customize them & invest in a few clicks. Take advantage of our thorough proprietary research and use it to build a powerful portfolio of stocks.

Stock Market Newsletter – August 2020

“By all these lovely tokens, September days are here, with summer’s best of weather, and autumn’s best of cheer.”

For August, the Indian stock market behaved as ordained, one year up, and one year down since 2010. The benchmark index... (More)

Charges for thematic investing

I see there is a charge of Rs 100 or 2% for sell / exit / rebalance orders of themes. Is this applicable for standard Fyers provided themes? Or are they applicable to custom themes also? For example, I create... (More)