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TrueData Financial Information Pvt. Ltd.  is on a mission to become the best market data vendor in the country with a multitude of solutions for the financial services sector, including making market data feeds available in all its forms, to as many applications as possible, including a wide range of technical analysis applications, trading solutions, automated & algorithmic platforms and a lot more all sorts of desktop, web and mobile applications. 
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TrueData Websocket API Documentation & Sample Code

This has been uploaded & updated regularly into this Dropbox folder..

In this Dropbox folder, along with detailed documentation, we have:-

1) Sample codes for Python (with library)
2) Sample codes for Python (without using our Library)
3) Sample code... (More)


Please increase the speed of data, in chart as well as profit and loss calculation. why there is lot of lag compared to zerodha

Speed of data. 

FYERS Ties Up With TrueData

FYERS is harnessing the fast-growing Systematic/Algo trading ecosystem in India. Our launch of free Trading APIs and API Bridge brought a great response from our clients. Therefore, to take our agenda of providing preferred access to Algo trading and reliable... (More)