Suppose I have opened multiple tabs of Nifty 50 Index, Say 1 Day, 1 Hour and 15 Min in my single Laptop. Chart changes in one time frame lets say a days time frame in Nifty 50 Index is not getting updated on other time frame say 1 Hr, or 15 Min even after saving the changes in 1 Day time frame. 

For example, Lets say I have opened 3 tabs of Nifty 50, one of 1 Day, 1 Hr and 15 Min in my laptop. I update a Trend Line in Nifty 1 Day Chart and Save the chart as NIFTY1 . But even after refreshing the other time frame chart of Nifty 1 Hr and 15 Min, the changes made in saved NIFTY1(1 Day frame) will not get updated on 1 Hr and 15 Min time scales.

This is unlike Zerodha which I also use, where any changes in one tab of same Index gets updated on different time scale in different tabs on laptop automatically.

Please look into it as it causes lot of inconvenience in trading. Everytime I have to load chart again & again after closing earlier opened tabs in different time scale to get the changes I have done in a particular time frame. Zerodha in such case is such a ease. I am contemplating closing Fyers account if this problem is not solved. This is so basic.