Fyers Back office (Global PnL report) has been designed too complicated. An ordinary client can not understand it. I have shown it to one eminent CA, even he said it is unnecessarily complicated beyond understanding.  The year selection is complex, just 2020 mentioned , it should be FY 2020-21 or AY 2021-22. In reports what is global -Annual-Annual Equity PnL and use of drop down box mentioning segments again in it? 

In reports  there must be an abstract followed by detail report regarding  Long Term Cap Gain, Short term Capital gain, Speculative (Intraday Eq) income, Trading (FnO) Income available at a glance. Just provide period selectable. 

The holding position is not matching with web dashboard. Double quantity of Eq is seen Annual Equity PnL but under holding  just half (correct) quantity is seen. 

Equity Analyser is awaited. Monthly colour coded PnL will be a dream.  The scrolling and viewing is too difficult. In making the best, it is becoming the worst, as like Go chart.

With RKSV https://keystone.upstox.com/tax-pnl , I could jot down my inputs for IT return within 2 minute just and For Fyers, I am sure, I will not be able to understand for next 2 quarters. 

I am surprised why well qualified team of @Tejas Khoday is not studying peers and understanding ease and need of clients.