There is an issue in FYERS Web trading application. Prices and charts are not refreshing at opening for the first 2 to 3 mins and at times web application is hanging without any price movement.  Initially I thought it was a one-off but this is happening almost everyday and particularly on Thursday (expiry days). This is a big problem on Expiry day as I start selling options from 9:16 am itself and looking at trading applications without any change in prices and charts is a huge disappointment and I am losing the opportunity to sell better premiums.  I understand many people are facing such issue.  I did refresh the web application by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R but nothing happens in the first 5 mins.  I was really impressed with FYERS charting when I opened an account and started trading but this problem is a huge disappointment.  

Providing Robust trading platform is THE MOST IMPORTANT and top priority for any broker and unfortunately FYERS web is a disappointment with above issue. Can you look into this issue seriously and resolve at the earliest. Such issues are not good if FYERS want to scale up the Business.