Hi there,

I am new to Fyers web, loving the platform. Would like to see the CPR indi in future (right now manually adding the lines everyday night for the next days CPR). Anyways, this question is not related to CPR, this is more to do with "How can I place a Target Profit buy/sell order" to close my ongoing trade in case the price reach my target.

Will give you an example: Say I place a CO Buy limit order for NTPC at 118.50 with a Stop Loss at 118.10. At some point my order was executed and I am in the trade.

Now, is there a way that I would be able to place a separate Sell Limit Order (as my target) at 119.50? Will this Sell order close my ongoing Buy order explained above? 

As I was not sure whether this will work or not I didn't put a Sell Limit order for the ongoing trade. I was not at my terminal (went for a loo break) when the trade was executed, it went to my target price and started reversing. I closed the trade at 119.20 leaving 30 points to the market. Don't want that to happen.

Would be very happy if someone or @Tejas Khoday can let me know whether I can set Target Profit by manually placing a buy/sell limit order to close the ongoing trade. This was possible with some other broker I worked with earlier but left them as I didn't like their platform.

Note: BO is not an option for me as I don't get any margin there.