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How to create alerts or alarm in fyers chart there any open interest indicator in fyers charts

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Anirban Kanrar
Anirban Kanrar FYERS TEAM

Hey @उdte पrinde फlying वirds,

To create an alert on FYERS WEB. You need to right click on chart --> Create Alert.

Once you click on Create Alert, Enter the name, Select the Symbol, Type (i.e, LTP, Open, High, Low, etc.), Condition, and Price of the scrip you want to track. After entering the said details, click on ‘Create Alert’.

Currently, we do not have Open Interest indicator on our platform. We will note your feedback and communicate the same with the team!

Mahesh Kumar A
Mahesh Kumar A

Is it possible to include alerts based on indicators? @Anirban Kanrar 

Anirban Kanrar
Anirban Kanrar FYERS TEAM

Hey @Mahesh Kumar A,

This feature is not available as of now. However, your feedback is duly noted.

Thank you!

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