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How to place stoploss for CNC orders..

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Vanshika Singh
Vanshika Singh FYERS TEAM

Hey @priyam jena,

You can place StopLoss for CNC only if you have holdings. 

Select "Stop" in the CNC sell order, set your Stop Price, and place the order. It will be valid for a day. 

Hope this helps! :)

pratik mankar
pratik mankar

since holiding is valid for long term, can't I place SL for the duration of investment. I dont want to place the order daily.

Rajan Khatri
Rajan Khatri

what will happen if SL hits.

please tell how to put SL & TRAIL IT in INDEX options trading.

Also what type of order  we should  place with  SL  so we could trail it also in intraday future trading.


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