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How to trade in intraday without margin? Some people suggest me to do intraday without margin then buy share in cnc and sell it on same day then It wil be treat as intraday is it true??

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Vanshika Singh
Vanshika Singh

Hey @Other Stuff,

Could you elaborate as to why you want to trade in intraday without margin?

Yes, you can use CNC to trade without margin. However, if you buying & selling the stocks on the same day (within trading hours), then it would be considered as Intraday trade.

Hope this clarifies!

Other Stuff
Other Stuff

As a beginner in intraday i dont want risk more than my fund 

So I decided as a beginner I do trading without margin so that my total risk only limited to my fund 

In future if I expert in intraday then I will choose margin concept

So it's confirmed CNC buying and selling stocks on the same day (within trading hours),  it would be considered as intraday in fyers platform 

One more thing I also want to know how to add ATR trailing Stop indicator ( atr indicator showing in fyers but atr trailing Stop not showing) how to add


Thanks in advance ma'am for reply

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