1.  Full Feature Charts for Multiple Screen display(9 atleast):

Intraday traders need to watch every candle movement and the signal it generates on Indicators, price action, data screen like T&S, Market Depth etc.

This capability to trade is greatly reduced, if one can only look at one chart and if a feature is Built in to have multiple screens having full feature under single user id, one can have more monitors and see more charts and trade those which shows ones chosen set-up to trade. Currently Duplicate feature is not sustainable or reliable as simple refresh changes everything. FyersWeb need to build this capability to help its Intraday Traders. Atleast 9 Full Feature Independent screen which trader can open on 9 separate monitors for trading independently on each screen itself as a visual chart trader.

This is very important to me.

2. Indicator Setting Lock:

As soon as you change the script name or future contract, the indicator setting gets misaligned and one has to spend so much time to bring it back to normal setting of choice before one can start observing the chart. This is very time consuming specially for someone like me who needs multiple time frame, multiple indicator per time frame to make trade decision. if some lock/unlock feature could be built per Indicator like a small button on scales side and if one press it, it gets locked or unlocked and  indicator remains the same, no matter how many scripts get changed for that setting. Specially for MACD and Stochastics used by many traders.

3. Colour Time and Sales : 

FyersWeb has the data already as shown in Market Depth. Similarly Colour code should be applied to all orders on Time and Sales else, what is the point in having time and sales anyway, why hide the information from retail customers of FyersWeb.

Suggestion based on taking 500+ Future Contracts trades on FyersWeb.

Vineet Verma