I'm excited to announce the introduction of our brand new reporting portal, 'My Account'

The term 'Back Office' makes people shrug and wonder why the UI/UX is so out of sync with brokers' front-end trading platforms. Although it is very important to traders/investors from a reporting standpoint, it is by far the most neglected piece by brokerages. At FYERS, revamping the back-office experience had been on the cards for ages and it has finally come to fruition with your feedback and patronage! We really appreciate it. 

My Account portal has several advantages:

  1. Easier to navigate
  2. Easier to track P&L (End of the Day Reports)
  3. Easier to track funds summary & add funds to your account
  4. Easier to place withdrawals & track withdrawal history
  5. Easier to track holdings
  6. Easier to track overnight F&O Open Positions with notional P&L
  7. Easier to track P&L reports (Segment-wise, Gross, Net)
  8. Easier to view & track expenses
  9. Access to download Contract Notes
  10. Consolidated Ledger of Single Margin Account

And, last but not the least, 30 Day Challenge timeline & results of previous challenges. We're going to introduce some exciting new features to 'My Account' soon. We thank you for your invaluable support and we look forward to adding more value to you in the future. 

Stay tuned! 🧐