I'm excited to announce that this year, we've taken a quantum leap by introducing our new & enhanced version, My API. The inception of our Trading API in late 2019 was a game-changer for retail traders because it empowered them with robust Trading APIs at zero costs! It enabled thousands of customers with trading access through an API instead of just our front-end applications & interface. Over the last 18 months, we've refined and updated our APIs to meet the evolving needs of systematic traders and the Algo community at large. With constant feedback, we've been able to make significant improvements in various aspects. 

What's different about My API?

  • Data Rest
    - Access to real-time data & historical data via My API.
    - Daily timeframe historical data of 20+ years for equities. 
    - Intraday timeframe historical data of 4+ years for equities.
    - Intraday & daily timeframe historical data for the entire duration of the F&O contracts. 
  • Data Websockets
    - Subscribe to the latest price updates via the WebSocket.
  • Login
    - Enhanced security.
    - Different authentication methods for different use cases. 
    - Compliant with Oauth2 & OIDC frameworks. 
  • 3rd Party Access
    - Simplified mechanism to create common apps for 3rd party app developers. 
    - Simplified login flow for clients for 3rd party platforms. 
  • Trading API
    - Complete control over trading activities
    - Additional order functionalities like multi-orders, exit positions, etc. 
    - Manage the e-DIS workflows via My API. 
  • Trading Websocket
    - Subscribe to the latest events on a WebSocket channel.
    - Get the latest updates on all orders via the WebSocket. 
    - No longer required to hit the Rest API to check the latest status. 
  • Webhooks
    - Configure webhooks/postbacks. Get notified for orders placed, canceled & executed. 
    - Get order update notifications when the order status changes. 
    - Opens up a world of possibilities for integrations. 
  • App Permission Templates
    - User-defined permissions to increase security features of the apps.

What are the charges for My API?

In the interest of reducing the overall cost of technology for systematic traders, we're happy to announce that My API is totally free! We don't levy any charges for the market data either (Real-time/historical). However, please note that access is restricted only to our clients as per the regulatory requirements. Hence, it is mandatory to open an account with FYERS to be able to access My API. If you don't yet have an account with us yet, click here.  

Also, over a period of time, our community has grown. If you need any help or clarifications you can always interact with fellow API users in the FYERS Community. We hope this adds value to your trading activities. 

All the best!