Introducing Research Reports By MarketSmith India
Introducing Research Reports By MarketSmith India

Over the last 5 years, FYERS has continuously strived to bring in and unlock value through numerous products and services. Our innovations have ranged from incremental upgrades to disruptive offerings across a wide range – data analytics, real screeners, algo trading, Trading APIs and API Bridge, to name a few. In line with our philosophy, I am happy to announce a tie-up with MarketSmith India (William O’ Neil) for supporting investors through high quality research reports.

In the last decade, owing to increased economic activity and aided by wider dissemination of financial information, stock market participants have increased by leaps and bounds. This has resulted in exponential growth in trading and investment activities, prompting the need for advanced, credible and qualitative data on listed companies. While the process of investing itself has undergone considerable changes, high quality fundamental and technical research has lagged to a certain extent.


What is MarketSmith?

MarketSmith India is a research offering by William O Neil India; a 60-year-old globally renowned firm with offices across US, Europe, India, Hong Kong & China. In India, they started operations in 2014. Their presence is segmented across users based on their investment styles. With a legacy of 60 years of stock market expertise, MarketSmith India has been working towards educating investors to make well-informed investment decisions.

MarketSmith India is designed to ensure ease of navigation to anyone, ranging from a novice to a seasoned investor and utilise the available services to their full potential. As opposed to other companies where users have access to only stock recommendations, MarketSmith India provides a one stop solution for stock recommendation, stock research and as an educational tool. 


MarketSmith Offerings and Services for FYERS Clients

Subscribers get access to premium features like proprietary ratings and rankings of each stock, buy & sell zones, auto pattern recognition systems, RS line blue dot, guru screens, trend templates, idea lists and evaluation tools. This should provide assistance to users in identifying winning stocks through proprietary ratings, rankings, fundamental and technical analysis.

In today’s world of information overload, it is important to separate the noise, avoid loosely available information, shared in bits and pieces. Today’s investor needs concise information that supports efficient decision-making regarding investments. MarketSmith research helps to achieve just that. Their qualitative research reports provide an in-depth analysis of Indian stock market, both from fundamental and technical standpoints.


Advantages & Features

MarketSmith India publishes different types of research reports which include:

  1. Special Reports – Catering to the industry analysis, with views on current market trends published almost every week.
  2. Pre-Market Commentaries - A daily morning pre-session commentary on the prevalent market direction, technical view on Nifty 50 and other selected stocks.
  3. Daily Big Picture - Daily market report at the end of each trading day, on the performance of various sectors and major indices.
  4. Weekly Big Picture – On Saturday of each week, premium members to receive a weekly evaluation on the performance of model portfolio lists versus the market, and expectations for the coming week.
  5. Learning Articles - These articles aim to help investors understand major events, frequently used market terminologies, and the do’s and don’ts of every market scenario. These articles are published every weekend.
  6. Model Book (Top Stocks Book) – An annual publication highlighting the best 30 growth stocks of the last financial year.

The CANSLIM investing methodology established by MarketSmith founder, William J.O’Neil, lies at the very core of all stock recommendations, where the first three - Current Earnings, Annual Earnings and the New Factor, support technical analysis and the next three components - Supply & Demand, Leader or Laggard, Institutional Sponsorship and Market Directions, support fundamental analysis.

Additionally, proprietary ratings and rankings are used to examine the performance of over 4000 Indian stocks, namely -

  • EPS Strength - A standout stock needs both a sound growth record in recent years and a strong current earnings record in the last several periods.
  • Price Strength - Investors want to buy what is down the most and sell what is up. The best stocks are superior price movers even before their big price moves. Their research helps in identifying stocks with price leadership.
  • Buyer Demand - A quick way to keep track of the end results of professional trading is the Marketsmith’s accumulation/distribution rating, which is based on daily price and volume changes. It highlights if the stock is under accumulation (professional buying) or distribution (professional selling). Stocks are rated on an A to E scale, with A being the best.
  • Group Rank - Industry Group Rank indicates the strength of the stock’s industry group. Majority of leading stocks are usually in the leading industry groups. MarketSmith India studies show that roughly half of stock's move is driven by the strength of its respective group.


Plans and Pricing

While similar offerings at other brokerages range from Rs.8,000 to Rs.14,000 for an annual plan, MarketSmith India is offering affordable subscription prices, exclusively to FYERS Clients. It’s time for traders and investors to take advantage of the excellent technical and fundamental research reports on offer, to support their stock market journey.

Annual Plan: Rs.5,000 + GST

Quarterly Plan: Rs. 2,000 + GST


You can subscribe to MarketSmith India by clicking here

You can reach out to us if you need any queries. Happy Investing!