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Is there a readymade watchlist of Nifty Weekly options in Fyers Web. How do i add 18 feb 15300 CE/PE? Do i need to add one by one

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Sounder Rajan G S
Sounder Rajan G S FYERS TEAM

Hi @Pallavi Deoghare,

Currently, We do not have a pre-define watchlist for the Nifty weekly options. So, you are needed to add it one by one. We'll try and incorporate it in the upcoming updates.


Pallavi Deoghare
Pallavi Deoghare

Thanks for the response. Is there a way to adjust the spacing of watchlist in web version. I want to disable the column of 'last" and 'changes'  so that script name and strike price is visible.

George Roper
George Roper

To read the scrip-name in full you need to increase the viewable area of your Fyers web watch-list sidebar.

You can click this separator line on the screenshot and drag it to the left. Or if you keep your mouse pointer on the scrip-name it will automatically show the full scrip-name in a popup window. 

There is no way to hide just the Last & chng(%) columns. 

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