@Tejas Khoday , @Vanshika Singh , @Piyush Kapse 

Today I have experimented with Fyers api and there are some points to be taken care of immediately:

  1. No open source code published to fork and update, there is lot of boilerplate code which doesn't make sense and lags the program efficacy. Please publish on github or likeway sites so developers may contribute to it.
  2. I have focused on websocket connections, and here are some points to be noted.
  • data_type == 'orderUpdate' and 'symbolData' are in an ifelse structure making users unable to access them in the same code simulataneously.
  • reconnect structure is not robust and is a single threaded operation
  • Symbol names are ridiculous for november/december.
  • Why are you initiating a logfile from your end, if user is interested they will code it right? This eats into RAM as file is opened all the time in ws and user cant disable it without breaking code sometimes. This overhang can be removed and ask user to maintain it.
  • Please remove the if case for 'pong received' in your main code, people think its necessary, where as its just checking your self.data == '"pong"' var(totally unnecessary).
  • Threading operation is not allowed for the websocket connection
  • You can reduce the binary packet size which contains lot of unwanted variables, keep it simple and clean.

Above are the points I wish to mention after testing it today. Please assign atleast a developer to answer the questions posted here(Customer service is lacklustre, emailed a issue on Aug 16th and got a reply on sep13th). testing a beta product is not fair and reasonable with poor commitment. Besides, spawning a new forum for API would help, as this one is filled with clutter and not user friendly(Tried to post the codes for above points, but its not feasible). 

This post is not to tarnish the reputation of Fyers, but instead to correct the mistakes. Developers know the issues faced by startups, they will support you as long as relation is mutual. Hope these are rectified soon and wishing good luck.