The new Fyers Web TV version, has definetly improve the look and feel of the platform but it also comes with some major drawdown. 

1) Now we can't change  script in the Pop out chart window, In earlier version of Fyers TV, we could do that.

2) Another major problem in Fyers Web is, you dont have the "Select Layout" option in Pop out chart window. 

Example : In the Main window You have open a 2 layout chart with "Symbol, Time, and Intervel " sync option enabled. Now you Pop out the chart. In the Pop out chart you can't change any sync setting or change the layout window suppose, to 3- or 4 from previous 2. You again have to go to the main terminal window, and make the nessearry change and then pop out again. quite annoying, don't you think?

3) If you open a multiwindow with same script in different time frame, and draw something, it wont sync the drawings with all the chart, even though all the script are same. (sync option was enable)


@Tejas Khoday  @FYERS