In our continuous endeavor to help our clients save fees, we've always taken bold initiatives to reduce our charges to a large extent. This time around, we've waived off charges for many of the offerings that are levied by other brokerage houses because there are costs associated with it and it's part and parcel of running a brokerage business.

At FYERS however, the following services/headings are totally FREE:

  1. Account Opening
  2. Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)*
  3. Fund Transfers (All modes)
  4. Expired / Exercised / Assigned Futures & Options Contracts
  5. Pledge Requests & Un-pledge Requests
  6. Pledge Invocation
  7. Dematerialization
  8. Rematerialization
  9. Reconversion of MF units into SOA or Redemption/Restatmentisation Per SOA
  10. Cheque Bounce Charges etc.

For more details, visit our Charges List. We've also reduced the DP charges (Applicable when selling your holdings) from ₹10 to ₹7/- per scrip. Please note that these charges are subject to change from time to time. The criticism we get from the broking fraternity for making such moves is warranted. After all, it will result in an unnecessary loss in revenues. Will this impact us? Yeah, in addition to the brokerage refunds we offer through the 30 Day Challenge, you bet it does! However, in the larger scheme of things, the goal is to ensure that our customers incur the least costs along their trading/investing journey with us and have a seamless experience. 

If you appreciate our initiatives, do consider referring your friends & peers to open an account with us here - Refer your friends. It'll help us do much more for you in return. 

Thanks & have a pleasant weekend. ✌️