For Feb 2021, 

AUM stood at 31.64 lakh cr vs. 30.50 lakh cr in Jan. 

Net flows in Feb stood at 1843.5 cr vs. 35,586.6 cr in Jan 2021.

Best inflows (funds): Liquid, Money Market, Low duration, Multicap, Arbitrage. 

Worst outflows: Short duration, Corporate bond, Flexicap.

1. debt oriented schemes Category saw 1734.7cr of net inflows vs. net outflows of 33,408.8cr in Jan. Liquid funds had highest net flows at 17,301.57cr, trailed by Money market funds. Short duration & Corporate bond funds saw high outflows.

2. Equity oriented schemes (open ended) Category continues to see high outflows, at 10,468cr vs. net outflows of 9253.2cr in Jan. 8th consecutive month of outflows. Flexicap funds saw high outflows at 10,430.9 cr vs. 5933.7cr in Jan, followed by value, large cap & ELSS funds.

3. Hybrid schemes Category saw 2nd mth of positive inflows (flows were -ve from Jul-Dec) at 4702.7cr. vs. 2141.7cr. Arbitrage funds gained big, with 5033.3cr inflows (2nd mth of 5000+ cr inflows), followed by Dynamic Asset Allocation funds. Balanced hybrid didn't do well, again.

4. Solution oriented schemes - retirement funds saw good traction in Feb. 

5. Other schemes: Investors still continue to prefer ETFs, index funds and overseas FoFs. 3899cr of net inflows vs. 7966.8 cr in Jan.