600++ trades taken so far brings me to these 5 points to be taken to MCX for helping retail.


1: Exact Volume of each trade should be displayed on each broker platform i.e. MCX Exchange to Barr all Institutions/banks or anyone from not disclosing exact volume or their bids/orders gets rejected and never go through MCX exchange. Any such software/feature should be completely banned.

2. Reduce the Margin requirement to a maximum of 6% for a contract life span of start date to end date of futures contract.

3. Data : Same data of same frequency, pulse should be provided to discount brokers like Fyers as provided to institutions at 99% discount cost to remove this disadvantage to retail else retail will only lose money to institutions.

4. Blacklist any banks, fund providers who stops Discount Brokers from displaying any information in any format which helps retail traders see the deep information in terms of money pool points and positions which discount broker can't provide if specifically asked by their funding companies not to provide in retail version of charting softwares.

5. Make it mandatory for same software with all its features to be made available to retail as available to Institutions/banks etc by all brokers big or small or national or multinational if they want to operate in India.