Refer And Earn! 2 Easy Steps For Earning A Permanent Passive Income
Refer And Earn! 2 Easy Steps For Earning A Permanent Passive Income


To help bring awareness about us, we have devised a unique refer and earn program which will not only help your friends have a better trading / investing experience but also generate a permanent passive income for you. We thank you for your ever-increasing support which has motivated us to provide you with the best trading platform in India and constantly improve it based on popular feedback. So far, it has been an enriching experience for us as we continue to learn and evolve in ways that will benefit the trading and investing community by leaps and bounds.

How to Refer and Earn:

1. Open a free trading account – To be able to refer and earn, you will need to open a free trading account with us. Unlike other stock brokers in India, the account opening process is very simple and fast. Once your account is opened, you will be registered with us as a client.

2. Refer your friends – All you should do is refer your friends by giving us their details. Thereon, it becomes our responsibility to get in touch with them and diligently help them get started with us. When they are registered with us as clients, they will be mapped under you as referrals forever. That’s it! You will never have to do any work to earn a passive income.

3. Friends transact – Once your friends become our clients, they will transact using our trading platforms. We earn a fee per transaction. To know more about our charges, please visit our Brokerage Calculator. How much your friends trade is really up to them. Unlike other stock brokers in India, we do not force our clients to compulsorily trade or give them ill advice to generate excess brokerage income. At Fyers, the client has complete freedom and we are 100% transparent with our pricing model.

4. Earn passive Income – We share 20% of the revenue generated by the referred clients with you on a monthly basis for the first year (W.E.F 1st April 2022). Once a client is mapped under you, he will be mapped for the 1st year! So, each successful referral is a source of passive income. There is no upper limit to the amount you can earn! Also, you are not required to invest your precious time and money to achieve this. To estimate your earnings, try out our Referral Earnings Calculator.

From the process mentioned above, you must only follow the first two steps. Our job is to make your life easier so that you can refer more friends and colleagues while we take care of the rest. Our processes and follow-up mechanism is very robust. Rest assured, you are in good hands.

This is how we say Thank you!

How to refer a friend: As shown in the screenshot below, you will need to give all the necessary details of your friend. Friend’s name, Friend’s contact number, your name and your FYERS client ID are mandatory details so that we can go ahead and help you generate passive income. Although e-mail is not mandatory, it would be great if could provide us with it so that we can communicate with them more effectively.

 How to refer and earn fyers[/caption]

How to estimate Referral Earnings:

You can use our referral earnings calculator. It’s an easy-to-use tool which is free to use on our website. Enter the number of successful referrals and try to estimate the average number of transactions per person. Although this can be different from the real earnings from our refer and earn program, you can get a rough idea of the passive income potential through us. Below is a screenshot of our referral earnings calculator.

How to keep track of referrals:

You can see your references in our Back Office. Visit back office site, login as a client with your credentials. Once you are logged in navigate to Master --> Client Master View --> Reference details.

You could see your referrals if you have any as in the screenshot. Another way of referring is to call us at 080-46251111 & giving us the details of referee. Our colleagues would ask you your client ID, so that they can map your referee under you. You can also mail us the details of the person you refer at which makes your work much easier.

Is FYERS the best stock broker to refer and earn?

Our mission is to make investing/trading simple for everyone regardless of their proficiency. After experiencing the complacency of stockbrokers in India, Fyers was formed as a crusade to change the way investing is done in India. As a fully bootstrapped firm, we are working round the clock to ensure that you get the best and most reliable trading experience. This refer and earn program is your chance to encourage us to beat the odds and accomplish what we’ve set out to achieve.
In terms of rewarding the referrers, your one-time effort will yield you a lifetime of passive income. We believe that this model is sustainable to help us grow together. We’re looking forward to your continuous patronage.