Can you add this section which is on tradingview into fyers web? This is really helpful for traders, this allows us to have an watch over the market to spot breakouts, and un-usual volume activities, This helps us to discover new opportunities and not only that it makes sure that we aren't missing out on significant market activity which is taking place, imagine this feature being incorporated into fyers web, we would directly be able to jump on the stocks which are most active. I Think Fyers one has the un usual volume scanner and also the old mobile app had it, but your most widely used platform, which is fyers web is lacking it and also the new mobile app is lacking such scanners, it would really be helpful to us active traders, and pretty much every brokers platform has a "Market movers" section wherein we get the summary of top % gainers and losers and also top volume stocks, Only Fyers is lacking it.

(Sorry if I made some mistakes in writing, I am writing this post quickly, I may have not articulated myself as I intended but I Hope you got the point)