Hi, so I'm new to Fyers and my main reason for signing up is because you guys have built a great platform on top of Tradingview!

Now I do have a couple of suggestions (which I'm pretty certain has been posted before):

  1. Why don't we extend the watchlist limit to 500+, just like how it is in tradingview? My main reason for asking this is that if I were to trade F&O stocks, I just take a look at ALL F&O stocks (think 140+) and blindly trade top gainers with the highest volumes, as that's where the moves are usually bound to be. Similarly, if I were to do cash, I just blindly look at Tradingview Nifty500 top gainers and try to evaluate which ones have the best potential.
  2. On a similar note, why not have "import/export watclist feature" similar to TV? Reasons are self-explanatory but lots of folks do their analysis elsewhere and it would be easier to import short-listed stocks in one go!

I hope to get a positive response, perhaps its in the works? :)