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Naresh Janagam
Full-time Learner & Part-time trader

Which one do you prefer, trading in the stock market or doing business, and why?

Where am I?

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Amith N
Amith N

Interesting question Naresh. There might be different point of view from different traders or persons..

I will tell from my point of view, so as a beginner you cannot relay on trading. Because, it will take a lot of time to become a profitable trader. Once you start earning consistently and also all your expensive are coming from from trading, you can only relay on trading. But before that, if you are a beginner and a learner, you can obesely start business, as it will give you the time to learn from market and also it will help you built your capital & undertake your day to day expensive. There is no harm if you are able to expand your business side by side and also give time to market. You can surly do both at a time. Unless you are earning money!

Good luck ;-)

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