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Sumeet Kumar Roy
Retail trader (Option Buyer)
Asked a question last year

After the new rule of SEBI (adding nominee in demat account is mendatory), Do you want an online option to add nominee in your demat Account?

George Roper
Mandatory ? Searched, but couldn't find any official links for this new ruling.
Sumeet Kumar Roy
George Roper yeah, now it is mendatory. SEBI had given the time period of 1 year to Brokers for completing the process.
But the option for the same never came my way, whilst applyng online for Fyers, I wonder?
Sumeet Kumar Roy
ANISHA KISKU There is option for it in Zerodha. So why can't it be in fyers?
Vanshika Singh FYERS TEAM
We're working on this and we shall be live with it very soon. Stay Tuned! :)

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