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Asked a question 4 months ago

After winning the 30 day challenge, haven't receive incentive till now, as mentioned on every 10th of month incentive will be processed , are you guys really giving up the same or this is just an hoax ?

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Hi @Mohit Singh16,

Apologies for the inconvenience you had to face with us. There is a slight delay this month on processing the 30 days challenge certificate. You will be receiving the certificate on or before 15th of August.

Thanks :)

I am using Fyers platform and I am a big big fan of their "30 Days Challenge" because it strongly motivates me and also helps me to be on profitable side by getting refund of brokerage. I had won 30 Days challenge for 8 times in my old trading account and 3 times in new trading account. All these times I have got refund and certificates. Sometimes it got slightly delayed, but I have got refund as well as certificates. So let me tell you that, this is not an hoax at all.
If you have won 30 days challenge and if refund is not credited to your trading account, please write with full details to support@fyers.in6
I am sure they will definately resolve the issue.