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Pavan B.N
Hawkish Trading
Asked a question 2 years ago

Also, one of the brokerage firms as part of their policy has decided to not allow multiple intraday trades with the same margin for whatever internal technological limitations. This news has been creating chaos on social media. There is no such issue at Zerodha. You can trade multiple intraday trades with your free cash and from margin available by exiting existing positions and holdings.

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Hi Pavan,

Only the below-mentioned points are notable changes in FYERS w.e.f 1st December 2020:

  • Only 80% of the CNC sale proceeds will be available to the clients during the day and the remaining 20% will be blocked for meeting the peak margin requirements.
  • All the Realized Profits will be blocked until settlement (i.e., Clients will not be able to use the realized profit for taking new positions, until the settlement). Settlement happens in T+1 day for F&O and  T+2 days for Equity.

For more details, refer here56.

Hope this helps!