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Abhishek Dayal
Abhishek Dayal
Asked a question 2 years ago

Anyone please tell me what should be my strike rate to win the fyers 30 day challenge?

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There are no hard rules to success but here are a few guidelines:

  1. Ideally, you should attempt to have a hit rate of at least 30% and make sure that you earn more in the profitable trades than the amount you lose on the loss-making trades. This will eventually work in your favour and help you sail through over a period of time even if you've had a bad streak. 
  2. Another approach is to have a 50%+ hit rate. With this strategy, the profits and losses will be around the same on each trade but on average, you will aim to have a high success ratio per trade. Many experienced traders that I have worked with, believe that this approach is easier said than done. 

To get more insights, I recommend you to watch these interviews with some of our top performing 30 Day challenge winners50

No consecutive strike rates are applicable to win the 30 day challenge. Just need to be net profitable across all segments during your challenge period. 

The date range for 30 trading days can be seen here after you start your challenge.

Also, you should not have activated your api service.