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Asked a question last year

Are you facing issue that fyers web app get hang just after placing order

Vishal Devgiri
FYERS can you pls take a note ?
Ashutosh Ikade
Happened with me as well. Twice. Fyers web froze after I placed a stop-limit MCX order.
Pradeep M
I too ,i couldn't change order type,need hide the order window and open it again,by doing this I can change order type
morishetty shoban
nifty price moves very fast then fyers hung it is very problem with me
ansar musthafa
I also got this issue in MCX market today yesterday and one other day also. Lost around 10000
Ashish Shrivastava
Recently I started trading in Fyers but believe me I am getting really fed up with its hanging problem. Even my position dosen't get updated on realtime basis. One sincere suggestion to developers to provide squareoff position options in Open position section. Everytime we need to place sell or buy order to squareoff position.
Manas Jyoti Das
better to shift in zerodha / dhan /aliceblue trading plateforms
Fyers taken enough money from my account due to hanging terminal
Monkey Singh
This has gotten really worse since the latest updation in the interface. The position button doesn't show up on the charts. At times the order gets executed but shows as a pending order on the chart. Due to this hanging issue, many a time I place a market "exit all positions" because I am not able to manually enter the limit order.

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