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I basically have survived by recognizing my mistakes.
Asked a question last year

Are you using recently added Volume Profile Visible Range indicator for making trading decisions?

Ravishankar K M
Volume profile is extremely fancy. Have been trying to master it since 3 months. Not much success. I feel a simple trend following system using HA chart + a simple moving average crossover or the supertrend is more than sufficient
George Roper
Hope someone finds an indicator to measure gut feeling, The Gut Feeling indicator.
No indicator will tell support/resistance will break without first taking out your stop ;)

Analysis is overrated, execution is underrated always :-|
CPR levels , Open Interest plz add this indicator
Yuvnish kumar
Ravishankar K M to use variable range volume profile indicator for intraday row size 20, time frame 5 min, to find support and resistance use POC AND corelate it with developing poc and developing va line

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