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Asked a question last year

Can I place futures spread orders through FYERS API? If Yes, How? I am using python.

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APIs are very granular and one can implement not only spread, but any standard/custom strategy thru API.  

API Documentation looks good when you take quick look at it.  Once you start using APIs, you need details of failures and error responses.  Most of these details are missing in the documentation.

Coming to your point - Issue is not capability of APIs to achieve this.  Issue is, support of API!

Support of API is ridiculous if not worst.    If your support query is easy to answer, they will promptly respond.  But if you raise a genuine query, you will hardly get response.  You may get a response if you are lucky.  But the response is either useless like check documentation page or take help from software developers.  Even for clarification of API response attributes, they ask to take help from software consultants or developers.  What the hell?  How can an external software developer/consultant can provide clarification of Fyers APIs, which are not public?  

If you plan to use Fyers API - my suggestion is - spend good amount of time and execute real trades thru API.  Monitor responses and compile various error codes and learn from it.  Obviously, you end up loosing money too in this process.  But unfortunately, this is ground reality with their APIs.  Their management is busy in launching new and new features rather than stabilizing exiting platform and improving support.

All the best!