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Asked a question 6 months ago

Can we see green/red days in calendar form like zerodha kite has this feature? It is good for self analysis.

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I’m the beginning trader and I spend more than 50 hours a week on the observing the market to catch every opportunity,whatever it’s the tech of fundamental event,because I use both—the calculation and news. Recently I’ve decided to look at my monthly statistics. I made a decision to use some kind of subscription for comfy calendar,my friend suggested to use 123calendar. I took a a look over their website and really liked it. I vitally needed the possibility to use red and green days in the calendar to make my self analysis more productive,but haven’t found this option myself,I left a message to the communications team,they said that I will be able to use this option in February and sent me the link . And it seems like I can print it out to make marks myself that is pretty convenient. 

Hi @Ankit Watts,

Currently, we do not have this feature on our platform. We will note your feedback and communicate the same with the team!

Thanks :)