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Asked a question last year

Candle of today is not showing on the daily time frame. it happens alot. I have attached 2 screenshots. in tradingview, you can see the candle of 8/7/21 but it's not present on fyers. can you solve this?

Subhankar Karmakar
I am also facing the same issue, it is irritated
Yes sometimes i too see this issue, and later it appears
Aman Yadav
they wont solve the problem better switch to trading view or some other platform
Pavan Kumar
Yes, Same for me .... Raised a support case... hopefully they will not take one week to solve this. !!!
Hiren Thakkar ICM PVT LTD
Hi mate ! lucky you only a days candle missing. look at my live trade position this is how charts show up.

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Hey @Tushar Malhotra10,

Apologies for the delay in response. Are you still facing the same issue?

Kindly let us know. We'll look into it. 


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