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Asked a question last year

Does Fyers allow buying deep OTM options with 6 to 12 months of expiry?

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Hi @Sunny28,

Yes, We do! But there is a range restriction of up to 20% for the Buy-side (Indices). Let me give you an example of this 20% range.

Let's say, BankNifty Index is currently trading at 35000 (LTP) and as I mentioned earlier, the range restriction is 20% which comes to 7000 (35000*20%).

So, you can trade in the strike price range of 7000 from the LTP of 35000 i.e., You can select the strike price between the range of 28000 - 42000 to buy the options of any expiry.

Whereas for Selling Index Options, there is no such range restriction and you can sell any strike price provided it is not illiquid.

Note: Deep OTM options are mostly illiquid (Low Volumes). So, we suggest you to use Limit Orders instead of Market Orders.

We hope this answers your query and if you have any follow-up questions do let us know in this thread.