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Asked a question last year

Does trailing Stop loss multiple times by drag and drop in options trade incur more charges than a single stop loss order ?

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As far as I know, charges will be levied only when the order gets executed.

If you're trailing your stop loss order. Dragging and dropping your trailing stop loss or editing your order multiple times doesn't incur any charges.

Unless, the order is filled partially.

Example : You have 300 quantity of Nifty i.e., 6 lots
You placed a trailing stop loss at 50. And market comes there and only 1 lot gets executed and moves up again quickly, then you have to pay charges for that order. The rest 5 lots will still be open.

If you move your trailing stop loss up to 55 and the market hits it again. But, this time 4 lots got executed but 1 lot still pending. Even then you will have to pay charges for that transaction (4 lots).

If you close that 1 lot at 50 then this transaction too will incur charges.

In this example, your trailing SL got hit/executed 3 different times. So you have to pay brokerage plus other transaction charges 3 times.

If you kept your Trailing SL at 50 and didn't change it. But, lets say it got executed/filled in 2 or 3 different orders. Then you have to pay for all those transactions.

If you order is executed or filled in a single order then you will have to pay charges only for 1 transaction/order.

There will be no charges for editing your SL or trailing your SL multiple times.

Hope this is clear.
Correct me if I'm wrong.