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Asked a question 2 years ago

Few years back, one could open just the trading account with a stock broker if intending to use only the F&O segment. Opening a new demat or linking to an existing demat was not required. Is this rule still the same or has this changed?

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Hi George, 

As per SEBI guidelines, a Demat account is required to buy/sell the shares, even if you are not taking delivery.  Many brokers, including us, do not provide the facility of trading account alone. You would be required to open a Demat account as well.  Moreover, AMC remains more or less the same, and now with the implementation of eDIS, your shares are secured. Hence, it is advisable to open a Demat account as well. Kindly refer to the link below-

Hope this helps!

Joey Dash
CEO @Grow90 | IIT Madras

Same here no idea