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Vaibhav Mishra
IT Consultant / Trader & Investor
Asked a question last year

Fyers is offering everything Top Brokers are offering and has been first to offer many things and is easy to use and everything is online. Why is Fyers lagging behind in Market Share ? I am asking this basis of NSE Statistics showing Fyers is having 5300 Active Clients (It sounds inaccurate) Nonetheless, Fyers Market Share is still low given the excellent services.. Is Fyers not spending on Marketing ? Or is happy with the Growth

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1)Support almost doesnt exists.  They address only easy to handle tickets.  For other queries, they don't respond.  If they respond after follow-up, their responses are mostly useless.

2) They just drive their own agenda, w/o taking into account end users or feedback.

3) Since Nov, within 3 weeks, they broke API based applications twice. They forced API users to migrate to newer changes, two times during this period. 

4)They run the run show very ad-hoc manner.  

5)And top of this, they have unstable platform.  Atleast couple of times in a week, they have something wrong in one of the app...

List is on... Seems you are one of them.  If u r genuinely interested, I've more feedback.

What are they good at?  

1) Charges! 

2) when API works, it's always smooth ride.

Hey @Vaibhav Mishra14,

I think you're checking the data for the wrong year. You can check the recent stats from this link-

PS: We haven't done much marketing in the past and have built our brand organically. We believe in investing in our product rather than investing in Marketing :)

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