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Asked a question 2 months ago

Getting the following error in fyersModel.FyersModel( client_id=client.apiId, token=client.accessToken, log_path=log_path) call... TypeError("__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'client_id'"). Was working till today close of market, but tonight this is not working. Can you pls fix it ASAP as tomorrow is Expiry day and if your APIs doesn't work, then it'll be a problem

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Hi @Natarajan Ravichandran9 

Please do an reinstallation of Fyers-api 
uninstall all the fyers-api present in your lib or virtualenv
install the latest fyers-api version 2.0.4 this will resolve the issue.
Do let us know if  you face any issue going further 

Thanks and Regards,
Piyush Kapse