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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hello Algoji Team, I am using SL and TG parameters available in intraday AFL toolkit for API ,The issue i am facing is as below in example. Trade Intrabar is NO ( On candle Completion) SL 10 TG 20 Chart is for 5 minute candle, Signal Genrated at 10:00 am Candle Order executed at 10:05 am Candle ( as trade intrabar is on candle completion) at the price of 100 TILL THIS STAGE EVERYTHING IS FINE NOW at 10:07 price reached 125 but script does not fire LX OR at 10:07 Price reached 85 but script does not fire SX , It waits till 10:10 (for candle to complete) and then will exit at what ever is LTP at 10:10am. on the other hand if Trade Intrabar is YES , it does what it says. This makes absolutely no sense ,why would SL or TG wait for candle to complete ? because most of the time , price hits target and by the time candle gets completed, it ends up hitting stop loss. Kindly suggest .

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Hi Bharat!

Trade on Candle Completion feature is provided as a savior against false signals. Most of the AFLs available online are prone to repainting issues so this acts as a confirmation step.  

However, if the AFL you are using is well coded and there are no repainting issues, it is not compulsory to trade on candle completion. You can use Trade Intrabar in that case.

Let us know if you have any other questions.