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Asked a question last year

Hello Fyers, Newbie here..I want to sell the share from the holding. How could I sell it ? I tried to find the button where I could exit but could not find it. Same question for algotrading. I could not able to sell it. Instead it is selling the stock for short-selling. I am not sure if I configured with right parameter or not. Can you please check it ? data = { "symbol":ticker_map(ticker) , "qty":sell_qty, "type":2, "side":-1, "productType":"CNC", "validity":"DAY", "offlineOrder":"False", "limitPrice":0, "stopPrice":0, "disclosedQty":0, } order_status= fyers.place_order(data)

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Ankit Singh
Option Writing & Investments


Under the holdings tab, click on stock you would like to sell(its name), its chart will appear on the screen, click anywhere on the chart and press SHIFT+S, fill in the details and product type and click sell to execute the order, on first attempt you may be asked to Fill in your EDIS PIN, just follow the above instructions again after verifying.